We are holding a 50’s themed dance with live bands and a rock and roll DJ. This is not a fancy dress party so leave your Elvis wig in the closet! You will be dancing to sounds form the fifties both traditional rock n roll and rockabilly. Jiving lessons will be provided for the less confident and also strolling classes for the ladies to show off!

During the second world war many American servicemen came to England. The GIs introduced a whole new style of dancing. The most popular dance was known as the Jitterbug - a wild and acrobatic jive which made the previously popular ballroom dances such as the waltz and the foxtrot appear rather dull and conservative. The jitterbug evolved from the lindy hop (named after Lindbergh’s hop across the Atlantic) which had itself evolved from the fusion of Jazz, Tap and Charleston. The Lindy Hop was performed to the big band sounds and as the music evolved so did the dancing. There are now many forms of Jive however the simple fact is that whatever you do enjoy it. It is simple to learn a few steps and then improvise!

For the men dress code is fairly simple, from the full Teddy boy drapes to a more simple bowling shirt, trousers and winkle pickers, or how about either a black or white T-shirt, jeans (with turn ups) and chukka boots the choice is wide. For the ladies the choices are even greater from simple headscarf and dungaries to pin up style. Most popular are obviously the polkadot dresses or skirts but whatever you chose make sure your dancing shoes are comfortable.